Artists – afraid of being judged?

For me, one obloc busterf the most de-motivating thoughts I can have when attempting to start work on a piece of art or something creative is the thought that it may be judged by others as “silly” or “not good” or that others make a judgement about me because of my work – “She has copied another artist” or “She is trying to show off” or “She has very strange ideas” or any number of these combinations of judgements that peers or other people may make when forming an opinion on what you’ve created and why.

This thought is hard to overcome but if you want to be able to create what you want and not what you think others want you to, you have to be able to accept that these less than flattering comments will be made and, where possible, be capable of turning them around into positive feedback, for example “I created something which gained attention, so much so, they thought it was worth commenting on.”

The thing far too many of us do is to constantly compare ourselves to others, and art is all about exposing our inner ideas ready for this comparative judgement. If the creative piece challenges someones pre-conceived idea of what is normal, acceptable, clever or aesthetically pleasing then congratulations you have inspired someone to think or even better react and in a world of information overload that is a feat in itself, so pat yourself on the back.

There is no normal, nobodies art is normal, so stop trying to fit in and create freely. Don’t be frightened of doing it wrong, just do it. You’ll do it wrong a hundred times but then one day maybe if you keep trying you’ll do or see something amazing or new in what you have done.


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