Creativity: how does it strike?

Have you ever had those days where the planets seem to align and everything just works the way you want it to? How often do you find yourself wishing for a day that reveals solutions, a day that gives you the most amazing discovery, that rare and elusive time that is so unusual it drives you to frustration.

Believe it or not, those days do happen, but far less frequently than the patience span of the average person happily waits. It takes a strong person with vision and determination to bridge these times, the hard parts where your motivation and drive is put to the ultimate test to keep going despite the hills to climb and the setbacks to move beyond. It also helps to surround yourself with people who can encourage and help with constructive advice, the people who contribute and say things like “what if you tried this,” or comments like “that works well but maybe you could…”

I can honestly say I have really only had a couple of these rare and amazing moments in my life. Moments where I felt that I was able to achieve without the long drawn process of trials, errors, testing and retesting. The one instance I most remember was a self initiated project that lasted a whole weekend and I was totally absorbed I hardly slept. It was the weekend after an inspiring trip away to the country. We came across an intriguing animal, on the road on our Friday evening drive north and this led me to write and illustrate a short children’s book. I did the majority of the story and illustrations in two days, in a kind of frenzy. I didn’t want it to end and so I didn’t want to sleep for fear that the flow would stop. Even though I know, that in the past some of my best ideas have popped into my head just as I drift off to sleep, I kept going. I was totally exhausted after it.

Helping_Tawny_coverIf you are interested here’s a link to the final book. Let me know what you think. Helping Tawny is available from Blurb books here

If you expect the high achieve moments will happen and should happen regularly then it makes it much harder to cope emotionally when they don’t.

So without feeling like a defeatist, it is best to not expect success or solutions but in a way to prepare yourself for failure, that way anything you do achieve will be a bonus. 

Is it better to keep practicing how to recognise a problem, how to better define what needs to be achieved and to keep practicing the processes of working through the possible solutions, than to give up in the early stages simply because of your high expectations? I think it is.

I don’t want to sound like an analyst because I’m not, I’m just talking from my own personal experiences. I’m not even always able to follow my own “owl like” advice but I do try. I have just found that most of the time creativity strikes when you’ve worked hard, gone through numerous options and made the choices that lead you to the best solution.

I really hope this article helps you and I hope you will share your thoughts.
Is this similar to your experience? Let me know if you’ve had a rare, all absorbing moment and how it occurred.

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