Creating “quiet time”

IMG_0326In my last post I talked about seeking and finding your gift or talent. You probably have many talents, but I am referring to the one which you have decided, or will decide, to prioritise and take to a higher level. Perhaps you are still contemplating your options. Either way, you’ll need to set aside a suitable creative time and place in your day, one  to help free the ideas and solutions you seek.

Find your preferred creative space for thinking

I tend to do activities that help to clear my mind from the day-to-day distractions. For me this may be getting out into the fresh air for a walk or run, listening to music, taking a 10 minute nap, or maybe going into a quiet space on my own to scribble in my visual diary.

If you are looking for ideas on how to nourish your creative thinking, here’s a great TED presentation by Susan Cain, who eloquently expresses the importance of  “quiet time” or solitude in the creative process. Well worth watching.

I look forward to your feedback and thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Creating “quiet time”

  1. anroworld says:

    Everybody needs a “quite time”, I do myself need it. I am going to a park where I have feeders for titmouse, I put there food and like watching when birds coming and catching seeds. I adore giving nuts to squirrels who are so funny. Sometimes it’s good to read a book and travel through some centuries together with main heroes! In this hectic constant running time you have to stop and enjoy a moment, it recharges you and brings you new ideas!

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