Recognise your creative gift

Bull amongst the flowers. Illustration by Sharon Coward

Bull amongst the flowers. Illustration by Sharon Coward

I have been contemplating my New Years resolution and I’ve decided to start it today, a few hours early with this – my first blog.

I hope to inspire and encourage fellow graphic designers, photographers, artists and illustrators to keep creating, never to loose sight of the creative process and to keep doing what you enjoy.

I have recently spoken to a number of very talented graphic designers who are dissatisfied and unhappy with their chosen field of work. Many are looking to move out of design and into completely different jobs. After so many dedicated years of training I think it is a shame to see them go. Hopefully they will move into alternative professions that will allow them to draw on their design and creative problem solving skills so not all is lost.

With this in mind I would like to say this: Recognise your creative gift

I believe everybody is born with some kind of gift, although not everybody recognises what that gift may be.

If you have been lucky enough to discover yours is a creative one then how to nurture that gift is a responsibility. A gift is often ignored by even the most intelligent people or they just let the busy pace of life take over. Take-on the responsibility to reach your potential, make time for it and use that gift to communicate the right things. Keep at it and don’t give up.

Have a great New Year!


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